Recently after some serious thinking and historical research I came to the realization that I have been living a life of privilege. So I would like to offer my sincere apology.

In the prehistoric era my forefather Grahknakmor killed Skaahkor in a dispute over the share of their joint hunt. After the despicable act, he not only not bear any reprecussion, but even expropriated the game resulting in a healthier diet for his family, while Skaahkor’s family turned to a decline because of the lost of their main hunter.

As a descendant of Grahknakmor I hereby acknowledge the irrefutable sin of his and my privilege that resulted from it. To show my sincerity I promise I will feel remorseful for the rest of my life and will often contemplate over the unjustly gains’ results. I also would like to promise, that I will try to open the eyes of all the other descendants and convince them to follow my example in repentance.


Phew. A big weight off of my mind after doing this.