• A: Hey man, you’re gonna love this…
  • B: …
  • A: Okay, so two blond..
  • B: Stop. That’s racist.
  • A: …What?
  • B: That’s racist.
  • A: How?
  • B: Race is defined by the differences in physical appearance in a species, most commonly pigmentation. So that’s racist.
  • A: …Okay. Let me start over. So two priests..
  • B: What kind of priest?
  • A: Does that really matter?
  • B: Yes. Because if they are muslim, then that’s islamophobic, which is racist.
  • A: How is that racist?! You just said, race is defined by physical appearance!
  • B: Racism is hate against a group of people. So islamohobia is a new kind of racism.
  • A: …Siiigh. Okay, okay. So two oranges..
  • B: Is this going to be a Trump joke? Because if so I’m not interested.
  • A: I give up.
  • B: Why? I have a good sense of humor. Tell the joke.

Tell a joke. I dare you.