Freedom of speach is seen as one of the basic human rights. Most countries secure it in forms of law. And people interpret it as a right to speak about whatever and wherever you want.

But I see it as the biggest con of human history.

Because in my view, it never was or should be about only the right to speak or be allowed to speak whatever you want. It should be about the free exchange and expression of thughts and ideas. A tool that helps us humans to evolve, mature. But speach can never be free of the speaker. The right to speak does not provide with a platform, ears that listen or minds that can comprehend. A right for a voice will also provide for a thousand others, which can drown out yours with sheer contempt or simple ignorance. A right that can turn a simple allegation to proof of guilt. A right that serves those with power more than those with reason.

Then the internet came along and there was hope. There was free information that you could learn and you was called out on your ignorance. Knowledge and ideas were freely shared, exchanged and scrutinized. There was trust, even if you could not know the others’ name, face, age or the size of their wallet. Identity did not mattered, only your ideas, your reasoning. Truth was based on facts and not on who said it.
But human nature showed its ugly side again. Anonymity absolved the feelings of guilt and the toughts about any of the consequences. People release their stress by mocking others or just telling them to die. They see the same vileness in others and anonynimity as a reason for distrust.

It had a pretty good run, but we returned to our old ways, seeking out the brands, the names, the faces that we can follow and trust so that we don’t have to think for ourselves. We crawled back to the safety of ideological walls, closed the doors on our echo chambers and thown away the key.

So yes. I see free speach as a con. At least till people start to learn to think for themselves. And I plead you all to free free speach by starting with freeing your ability to think.