Looking back till the beginning of life on Earth, it was never easy. It was always a fight for survival. Be it a group or an individual those who was good at ‘adept and adopt’ would stand a better chance of living longer. This is the law of the jungle; only the strong survives. But strength means different things in different situations.
For life to be sustained it needs resources. And when those resources are limited, that’s when the competiton starts.

If you are looking for the same thing in a boarder level, you can observe it in sociology. Groups existing on the same level will compete with each other for superiority. No matter what level those groups are, be it on a playground or between nations. Those who are superior will rule and will try to do everything in their power to keep their superiority. And the best they can do is the mentality of ‘adept and adopt’. Because inflexibility will lead to rigidnes and incapability to react to challanges.
But as humanity developed, things started to change. From needs to be better to we are better. Building a community on the notion of superiority is not entirely a bad thing, as pride can be a good motivation to keep up with challenges, but it is still a double edged weapon, as needless or unsopported pride can make people inflexible. And this is where things started to go wrong.

Before World War II. cultural differences were the support of nations’ and religions’ pride. Still, in the fight of superiority they needed to be flexible, even if in the least bit of amount. But with the appearance of nazi ideology, racial pride became the main divide of cultures. Walled in in their beliefs, they only looked for evidence, that supported their reasoning, ignoring everything else. Building the foundation of their sand castle with genitical evolution, ignoring the fact, that what makes humanity superior to all animals, is their capability of higher thinking. Which is in all of us.
And sadly this spread like wildfire. Linking your culture to your physical appearance is nothing new, but contrary to your clothes, you can not take off your skin or change your bones.

You may feel pride in the achievements of your ancestors. You may strive to live up to that pride. But if you think, that those achievments were mostly based on their genetical advanteges, then congratulations and welcome to the sand caslte. And don’t forget that the moments you cry racist, you are also one leg in the same same ideology. Because if you see the cultural divide in skin color or any other physical properties, then you also aknowledge that these cultures can not mix or learn from each other.
And with humanity taking over Earth as propertiy, this divide can be fatal. Because if you think racial differences are the same as cultural differences, then you impose an inflexibility on your community that will make it rigid and incapable of change. And as I said, this is what it means to be weak in the law of the jungle.

So I do not take pride in my ancestors’ skin color or bone structure, but I do take pride in their achievements in advancement of science and developement. I’m proud to be a human and I’m proud to be able to say: I think therefore I am.