Long time no see

Issued with no built in safety

Morally obligated

I have a moral obligation to inform you that I probably have a different standards or understanding of the definiton of morals.

I see morals as something that I impose upon myself, a kind of framework that helps me navigate in the murky waters of life. These are not ideologically based views and they may not be in line of social conformity, only ways to live my life so I can have some self-respect.

Just a few examples:

  • everyone deserves the minimum amount of respect, which can be most easily shown by being polite. Saying ‘Please’, ‘Thank you’ or ‘Sorry’ is the bare minimum.
  • respect can be best earned by showing some first.
  • looking down on others is the same as digging yourself into a hole. At one point you only notice that you are one of the lowest of the low. If you are even capable of noticing it.
  • being proud does not mean that you can not be modest at the same time. There is no such thing as best under the sky.
  • having a bad day and acting rudely is the best way to make it worse.
  • hate is the most useless feeling that there can be. Wallowing in the hatred for others or self is the worst way time spent
  • do not try to fight intellectual battles with the weaponless.

So just to be clear:

You may think that you occupy the moral high-ground, but understand: we are not even in the same universe. The rules are not the same.

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